Face Mask Fitting and Care Instructions

Fitting Your Big Island Surf Co Face Mask

The unique anti fogging and comfort design of the Big Island Surf Co masks allows for a lot of flexibility and personal choices in the adjustability.

First step is to position the mask high on the nose, similar to where glasses usually sit, and secure the mask with the ear loops.

Next, press the top of the mask down on to the top of the nose. Now, press down on the nose adjuster along the sides of the nose, in a way that “shapes” the mask to fit your nose and top of the cheekbones.

Ideally this will allow the mask to sit flush with the line of both your nose and upper face, creating a seal.

This may take a little bit of trial and error as everybody’s face is unique.

Now readjust the ear loops to secure the mask in a firm and comfortable position.

If you wear optical glasses or sunglasses the mask should be high enough for them to sit on the outside of the mask in a similar position to your normal, mask free, placement.

If the adjustments are accurately achieved, under normal use, the mask will greatly reduce and in most cases entirely remove, incidences of fogging.

Sometimes when bending to look at something lowdown, like the bottom shelf in a supermarket, slight and/or partial fogging can occur but will clear very quickly once you are standing vertically again.

For added protection when in highly exposed situations our filter pocket allows you to fit a filter into the mask. To fit the filter if/when necessary simply slide one filter into the filter pocket and locate it into the centre inline with your nose and mouth. The filter should last approximately 5-7 days of full-time use.

Be aware when using the mask with the filter inserted that you are still breathing easily and not feeling as if you are not inhaling enough air/oxygen.

How Do I Wash My Cloth Mask?

Remove the filter, if fitted, before washing.

We recommend hand-washing using soap and the warmest appropriate water setting for the cloth.

Dry the cloth mask in fresh air before you re-use it.

Caution! We do not recommend the use of a clothes dryer.

Clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub (made up of over 60% alcohol or 70% isopropanol) after handling used face masks.