Designer Face Masks

Protect Yourself – Protect Our Beaches

Responsibly Made For Extreme Comfort

Mahalo Red

This face mask is so much more comfortable than the disposable I had previously. Doesn’t fog, looks great and feels really safe. I get comments everytime I wear it. Highly recommended. Wendy
Mollymook NSW
Confirmed Buyer 5/5


I was sick and tired of my previous mask fogging my glasses all the time. These Big Island Surf Co face masks have solved that problem, are more comfortable and definitely look better. Definitely 5 star construction and service. Jacqueline
Katoomba NSW
Confirmed Buyer 5/5

So Why Our Face Masks

Well apart from the points listed below we believe that a great mask has to be not only built to the recommended guidelines but is a fashion accessory as well.

Why cover up who you are with a generic mask? 

Our face masks are hand made in Sydney, using only the best materials, colours and designs to allow you to shine through.
Beautiful Coral Pink

But Why Not Disposables?

Have a look at this! Unbelievably, disposable masks are finding their way out of safe hands and polluting everything they touch. Parks, Footpaths, Gutters, Rivers, Waterways, Oceans. 

Apart from that, many people, even health professionals, have stated that they are uncomfortable. Over a period of time, they can also be a lot more expensive than reusable washable cotton masks.

Help the environment and leave the medical masks for our frontline health workers.

Litter From Disposable Masks Ending In Our Oceans and Waterways
The Surf and Sun – Sea Turtles

So, Yes Reusables Make More Sense…But Take Care!

Not All Reusable Masks Are What They Claim.

Our luxe boutique masks have all the features:

  • 100% Cotton (we only use premium quality pre-washed cotton)
  • 3 Layers with Filter Pocket (Adding a filter is easy for peace of mind in high risk areas) 
  • Comfort PLUS Design with SOFT Ear Loops (Super comfortable. Are even FUN to wear) 
  • Anti Fog Design + Nose Adjuster 
  • Fully Adjustable (everyone looks great in these) 
  • Hand Made by designers 
  • Made in Australia 
  • Reusable (Less expensive than constantly buying disposable masks) 
  • Washable 
  • Constructed in accordance with best practice recommendations 
  • Not an environment polluting, expensive disposable mask 

Great mask. Feels good. Looks good. Made really well. Dave
Paddington NSW
Confirmed Buyer 5/5